"Fight Terrorist Use Ethanol"


2008 Copyright Greg Gladman

An endlessly talented friend and photographer, Greg Gladman, was in Florida last month and took this photograph of an exuberant "activist" roaming the streets of the State-most-famous-for-navals. What do you think it means? Who is the singular "terrorist" that this dude is referring to? And what is up with all those flags?

Curiously, if you look really closely and zoom in on that truck (like we did) there is a Florida Farm to Fuel website and what looks like a State Department logo. Is that a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services truck!? From what we can see it sure is. So much for keeping the church and state separate. What does "Remember me Jesus" have to do with fighting terrorists and ethanol? This will hopefully provide you with a little pick-me-up giggle to help you past the post Valentine's Day blues. See more of Greg's photos on his website here.

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