Downloading Designs: Paper Critters


Toys are such a great introduction to the idea of downloadable designs; we knew one could find a lot of them online, but Josh Spear points out Paper Critters, an entire colony inhabited by 4946 contributions from people all over the world. Not only that, they provide software tools to draw your own paper critter, make it part of the colony and print it out.


Josh says it's "all in the application; you're supplied with different tools used to decorate your critter, like shapes, thematic stencils that range from "cute" to "rebel" — good for those of us who can't even draw a straight line to save our lives — a palette of colors, as well as the option to incorporate an uploaded image from your hard drive. But the best is the end result; when you're finished, you print out your little bad-ass, fold and glue him together, and wait for office workers to think you're keeping your secret talent on the DL." ::Paper Critters via ::Josh Spear; for more information on downloading designs, see ::In An Absolut World Everything is Downloadable

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