Convenient Truths: The Envelope, Please...


For the last four and half months, we've encouraged you to both reduce your personal carbon footprint, and to participate in Treehugger and Seventh Generation's Convenient Truths video contest. Today, we're pleased to wrap up the contest by announcing the winners. The Top Ten finalists were chosen by you and our expert panel of judges, and the Grand, second and third place prize winners were chosen by guest judge Ed Begley, Jr. In addition to prize packages described below, each winner's video will be featured on a DVD by Ironweeds Films, and also showcased at the Weather Channel's Forecast Earth climate change site.

The winners of the Treehugger and Seventh Generation Convenient Truths contest are:Third Prize Winner: "Change A Lightbulb" by Pete Land, Burlington, VT. As you can guess from the title, Pete's video highlights one of the simplest actions we can all take to lower our carbon emissions. Pete will receive a one-year Zipcar membership, two solar bicycles from Thera-P-Cushion, and two Voltaic solar backpacks.

Second Prize Winner: "Bear Necessities" by Mark Dixon, Pittsburgh, PA. While collecting snow to send to the North Pole may not be the most effective way to help polar bears and other species threatened by global climate change, Mark's video also highlights practical actions we can each take to lessen our impact. For this hilarious video, Mark will receive a consultation and materials for a green home makeover from Ecohome Improvement, a houseful of green cleaning products from Seventh Generation, and home carbon neutrality for one year.

Finally, the Grand Prize winner of Treehugger and Seventh Generation's Convenient Truths contest is....

"Little Guy (Make A Start) Music Video" by Jon Forsyth, Westford, MA

Little guys (or big guys, for that matter) can't do it all by themselves, but they can take many actions to reduce their carbon footprint. John's video is entertaining and educational; it also highlights the fact that the choices we make will impact future generations. John's grand-prize winning video nets him an all-expenses paid eco-vacation for two to the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge from Alaska Wildland Adventures. He and his traveling partner will be fully decked out in travel gear from Patagonia, and will have their trip's carbon emissions offset by DriveNeutral.

Pete, Mark and John join EPIC International Prize winner Robin Hays in the contest's winners circle, but we're still not done. All of the top ten finalists in the Convenient Truths contest will not only have their videos featured on the exclusive media outlets described earlier, but will also receive DriveNeutral offsets for one car for one year, Comet Bamboo Skateboards, Solar Style solar chargers, Freitag bags, DVD and book versions of An Inconvenient Truth, copies of Laurie David's book Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You!, and Preserve home products by Recycline. Rounding out the top ten video submissions are:

"Chickens Enlighten, Humans Change, World Improves" by Scott Price, Seattle, WA
"I Am A Climate Activist" by Phil Mitchell, Seattle, WA
"Reality In The Self Checkout Lane" by Tanya Roche, Beltsville, MD
"Cool Notebooks For a Hot Planet" by Eli Zigas, Walla Walla, WA
"Better Late Than Never" by Jennifer Cipperly, Jacksonville, NY
"Footprints" by Kimberly O'Connor, Redwood City, CA
"Families Fight Back" by Austin Haeberle, Maplewood, NJ

And, finally, all contest submissions will have their carbon emissions offset.

Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists! And many thanks to all of the entrants in the contest! You can watch all of the 130+ videos submitted to the Convenient Truths contest at the official site. Watch, learn, act... by following the leads of our contest entrants, we can all be winners in the fight against global climate change!