Convenient Truths: Make a Cool Move (and a Cool Video)


The videos continue to roll in as we move towards the Feb. 28th deadline for entering Treehugger and Seventh Generation's Convenient Truths contest. You can check out the latest entries by scrolling through the posts at the contest site; hopefully, they'll inspire you to create one of your own. Remember that any kind of action you're taking to lessen your own greenhouse gas emissions can be worthy of a contest video, and that video need not be "professional" -- capture it with a video camera, even the one on your mobile phone, and send it in. All entries have a shot at the almost $30,000 in prizes we're offering.

Some of us can change our habits through will and repetition; others need support from family, friends, or some other kind of community. As you move forward on those climate-friendly resolutions you made for the New Year, you might want to consider joining one of the social networking sites aimed at creating communities dedicated to addressing the climate crisis. One of the newest is Founders Andy Lubershane and Alex Kieft took their inspiration from the film An Inconvenient Truth, and invite treehuggers to join them in taking simple steps towards lessening their carbon footprint. According to their site,

We're not pamphlet-waving loonies, spaced-out hippies, or eco-terrorists. We're just two ordinary college grads who were inspired by the message of An Inconvenient Truth and felt we had to do something about it. So in addition to replacing our light bulbs and taking public transportation more often, we decided to make a website.

Our hope now is that more ordinary people like us will use as a starting point for action. is not a business and we don't stand to profit financially from getting a lot of people to visit. But if even just one person pledges to do a tip from our site each day, then at least we're helping one more person make a positive change.

Each day, CoolMove offers a simple daily action that almost anyone can take, and asks users to pledge to take that action. The climate crisis itself is so overwhelming that many people feel they can't possibly make a difference; Lubershane and Kieft believe offering simple steps can move people from paralysis to action.

We're big fans of simple steps (and not just because they're easily caught on video), and encourage you to visit to learn more about the actions you can take (and record) to do your part against climate change. If you want to move more quickly, visit their tip library for more actions you can take. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the video camera is recording, and submit your video to the Convenient Truths contest.