Convenient Truths: Global Cool Announces Climate Change Film Competition


The star-studded climate change campaign Global Cool announced a new effort last week that sounds vaguely familiar: a film competition on the topic of climate change. The similarities between GC's and Scene Won's contest, and Treehugger and Seventh Generation's Convenient Truths competition are only skin deep, though: while we focused on encouraging videos from anyone with access to a video camera, the London-based organization's competition targets "aspiring young filmmakers," and tempts them with cash prizes of up to £5,000. According to Global Cool's press release:

Filmmakers are being challenged to create a short five-minute film across all genres from live action to animation. Global Cool wants budding filmmakers to use their creativity to create films from a host of different perspectives, including solutions that individuals can action to defeat global warming.

The competition will run through June 30th; additionally, the contest will award prizes for the best reviews of films submitted. And each month, Global Cool Ambassador Sienna Miller will choose a "Cool Film of the Month," with winners receiving a pair of Worn Again trainers.

While Global Cool's got the new game in town in terms of climate change video, the Convenient Truths contest is still underway. On April 19th, we'll announce the big winners, chosen by guest judge Ed. Begley, Jr. Our panel of celebrity judges is still looking at the twenty videos chosen by Treehugger readers to decide which ten will compete for Ed's favor (and nearly $30,000 in prizes) -- in just over two weeks, we'll see which ones make the cut. Stay tuned!

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