Convenient Truths: Fighting Climate Change is Cool... So is Making a Video!


Tomorrow is February 1st -- the last month of the entry period for Treehugger and Seventh Generation's Convenient Truths video contest. You've got 28 days... or four weeks, if you prefer... to make a video on your efforts to combat the climate crisis. No need for elaborate production plans, or storyboards, or scripts -- just get out your video camera (even the one on your mobile phone) and show us what you're doing to lower your carbon footprint. Keep in mind that the winners of the great prizes we're offering won't necessarily be the most polished videos, but the ones that provide the best content in the eyes of the contest's judges. And, finally, remember that to qualify for the EPIC International Prize, your video must focus on sustainable consumption (that means you, shopaholics!)Last night, the star-studded Global Cool campaign kicked off its 10-year push to lower CO2 emissions by a billion tons a year with the release of a previously unheard song by the Doors. The "new" track by Jim Morrison and company has been remixed with music from ex-Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros frontman Perry Farrell (who's also a Convenient Truths judge) and his new band, Satellite Party. A press conference yesterday at the British museum featured actor Josh Hartnett and musician KT Tunstall calling on citizens worldwide to join this effort to "..empower a community of individuals to deliver the solution to the problem of global warming through positive collective action."

The campaign will continue to harness the efforts of the entertainment community by featuring webcasts of concerts from Maroon 5, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and The Fratellis; visitors can currently check out an exclusive performance by the Scissor Sisters. While there, users can also find out more ways to lower their own carbon footprint (all of which are filmmable), and donate towards the purchase of "Tonnes of Cool."

Of course, we want you to do more than watch videos; we want you to make one! If you're still stumped, borrow a tip from Global Cool (or Cool Moves, or Stop Global Warming!, or even Treehugger), put it into action, and let the camera roll! Then send your video to the Convenient Truths contest -- we don't have much time to address climate change, and there's even less to submit your video! ::Global Cool via michael at Hugg