Convenient Truths: Contest Judge Arianna Huffington on Energy Security, Climate Change


There are only three weeks – a mere twenty-one days – until the entry period for Treehugger and Seventh Generation’s Convenient Truths contest ends. If you were directing a Hollywood blockbuster, this might be a problem. But since we’re not looking for professional production value, but rather quality content on your personal efforts to combat climate change, you can shoot several videos for the contest on your video camera (even the one on your mobile phone) in the time remaining, and increase your chances for sharing in the almost $30,000 in prizes we’re offering.

You’ll recognize many of the judges we’ve recruited to choose winning videos – actress and activist Daryl Hannah, the Weather Channel's Dr. Heidi Cullen, and green business guru Paul Hawken. THTV’s Simran Sethi had the opportunity to spend a little more time with another judge with a familiar face: progressive activist and Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington. Simran interviewed Ms. Huffington for TH Radio in late December, and the discussion ranged from Huffington’s thoughts on energy security to the things she does personally to lower her own carbon footprint. Arianna details her history of hybrid ownership, the eventual success of the Detroit Project (which took immense heat for advertisements linking oil & gas consumption to terrorism), and her thoughts about political leaders who are (and aren't) "walking the talk." You can listen to the discussion at EarthTalk Radio, or read a transcript at Treehugger.

As you likely are someone who "walks the talk," don't wait around to show it to the rest of the world! Submit your video(s) to the Convenient Truths contest.