Choose to Reuse by Nikki Goldbeck & David Goldbeck

Admittedly this is not the most current of books. Originally published in 1995, it might be lacking in web and email resources, but boy, does it make up for that with just sheer bulk of information. Nikki and David Goldbeck have a story on how just about anything can be reused. And we mean Anything. Chopsticks - take your own and maybe get a small discount at some Chinese restaurants. Nail files - use a durable one like the Natural Nail File made from the scales of a Pirarucu fish! Golf Balls - a company that specialises in selling cleaned range balls. Pies - a Californian company that sells its pies in their own baking trays — return the tray and get a reimbursement. Movies - a company that salvages the stage sets from movie production. You'll find odd stuff in here that will make your head spin, and simple solutions that'll have you going "Doh! Why didn't I think of that?" In covering subjects such as design, rental, repair, maintenance and remanufacture, the book's 450 pages sure detail how we can enjoy life, without the need of always buying new stuff. Inspiring.

Buy Choose to Reuse: An Encyclopedia of Services, Businesses, Tools & Charitable Programs That Facilitate Reuse by Nikki Goldbeck & David Goldbeck