Chatting with Fisher Stevens, Producer of Film "The Cove"

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On July 31, 2009 , the film The Cove opened in New York and Los Angeles. Fisher Stevens had a major part in whipping the picture into theater-shape. You may remember him from the 1986 hit Short Circuit. With the release of The Cove, he is showing everyone he's got an eye for making edgy eco-documentaries. The film is full of emotion, environmental conundrums and characters that make you want to become a full-fledged eco-activist! I had a chance to talk with Stevens about the pic and how it changed his life. The Cove is a heart-breaking look at the dolphin-trade in Japan where thousands of the marine mammals are slaughtered each year. There are moments that make you mad-as-hell and others that have you rethinking your relationship with the species. This is what Stevens had to say:

Treehugger: Is this the first environmentally-focused film you've been a part of?
Fisher Stevens: Yeah, I have been kind of a sort of a tree hugger for a long time. I started traveling around the world in my early 20's and noticed the destruction that was happening in the planet. I have always recycled and tried to conserve gas. I got the hybrid about six years ago, but I never specifically did anything work-related that was about the environment. My social awareness got me involved in politics, mainly during the 2004 presidential election. I took three months off and spent a lot of time down in Ohio helping a candidate. But what really introduced me to the environmental issues is that I'm a scuba diver and the person that I do a lot of diving with is Jim Clark, the guy who financed the The Cove.

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