Cape Wind: An Audio Interview With Robert Whitcomb

Full of politics, power, and deception, the story of Cape Wind, the 130-turbine offshore wind farm to be built five miles off of Cape Cod, is more turbulent than the waters of Nantucket Sound itself. Robert Whitcomb, a vice president and editorial page editor of the Providence Journal, is co-author with Wendy Williams of a new book, aptly called Cape Wind: Money, Celebrity, Class, Politics, and the Battle for Our Energy Future on Nantucket Sound, which delves into the drama of energy entrepreneur Jim Gordon's struggle to build clean technology in the backyard of the mega-rich and mega-famous—think Ted Kennedy, Bill Koch, and Jack Welch. In this extended interview, TreeHugger catches up with Whitcomb to discuss America's most controversial alternative energy project.

Stream or download this interview:: Cape Wind

Buy the book:: Cape Wind: Money, Celebrity, Class, Politics, ands the Battle for Our Energy Future on Nantucket Sound
To dig deeper into the fray, read Jeff McIntire-Strasburg's earlier post about the Cape Wind project, or check out "Offshore Wind Could Power Entire U.S.," by TreeHugger contributor Justin Thomas. To learn more about birds and wind turbines, read "Common Eco-Myth: Wind Turbines Kill Birds," by John Laumer.

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