Bull Breaks Out of NYC Slaughterhouse, Runs for Freedom (Video)


Image via screengrab.

On Wednesday, a bull scheduled for slaughter in a halal butcher's shop in Queens, New York decided that it wasn't on board with its fate. So it broke out and didn't look back, sprinting down Liberty Avenue (how appropriate!), sending stunned New Yorkers- who suddenly found themselves in an impromptu running of the bulls- scattering for safety.

In the bull's wake were the butcher and a dozen police officers, who eventually cornered the 500 lb animal, shot it with a tranquilizer gun, and lassoed it on CUNY's York College Campus . But not before he did some damage, including ramming a police horse trailer and knocking into some construction scaffolding.

This isn't the first time a bovine has broken loose- in January, a 900 lb bull escaped a transport truck on the way to a slaughterhouse in Virginia. He ran through three counties before authorities caught up, and shot him.

Two years ago, a cow named Molly similarly escaped from a Queens slaughterhouse and was rewarded with a new life on a farm in Long Island.


Sadly, no news has come announcing that this bull has been 'pardoned,' so it seems likely that he was sent back to the butcher. But if you're feeling sad for his fate and aren't a vegetarian already, maybe it's time to think about dropping the meat- and saving more than one animal's life.

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