Building With Awareness (DVD) by Ted Owens

To date we have only seen the trailer for this DVD. But when it wins three Telly Awards, including the top one for Outstanding Multimedia DVD, it scores 5 stars from 15 Amazon reviews and The Last Straw (the definitive journal on strawbale) says, "the aesthetic details are stunning .... with all the "bonus" footage on construction details, this video is a real bargain" then you get the sense it has something going for it. The multimedia presentation follows the construction of hybrid Strawbale and Adobe house, which cost just $88,000 to build. That's all up, even inclusive of architects fees, licences and an even tools. 80 hours of footage have been edited down to a total of 5 hours, which shows the building procedure from wo-to-go, including a 16 minute slide show on construction detail. The DVD comes with a colour information booklet too, that has floor plans and elevations. Learn about photovoltaic energy (100% of the power for the house comes from the sun), rainwater harvesting, earth renders and much more. If you can't get yourself onto a natural building workshop then this DVD seems the next best option.

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