Best of Inhabitots: Top 7 Kids' Flatpak Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard flatpak kids' furniture photo

The Bo Buro desk-and-stool combo by Kidsonroof, built for two, comes riddled with holes of different sizes, perfect for hiding tiny treasures and engaging growing imaginations.

Embellished with perforations, colored symbols, and shapes, Enzo Mari's cardboard divider was designed not only to close off a play area, but also as the object of play itself.

Unlike most children's cardboard furniture, Krooom's lightweight furniture and toys don't have any visible corrugated edges, which makes for a sleeker, less thrown-together appearance.

Mirakadi's colorful and whimsical modular furniture, made from recyclable papier-mâché and cardboard, is nothing short of enchanting.

Like a coloring book turned three-dimensional, Sabrina Arini's Color-It footstool encourages kids to get out their pencils and make their mark on furniture.

Zen minimalism defines Riki Watanabe's Carton Furniture Kids' Set, which can be assembled using a system of tabs and notches—no adhesives or hardware required.

The FYS (Finish Your Self) Junior Chair by David Graas is part puzzle, part functional chair. The chair's puzzle-like pieces are largely derived from the chair's packaging!

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