Best of Inhabitots: Top 7 Green Pregnancy Tips

Pregnant woman photo

+ Start your pregnancy right with some of our favorite suggestions, from practicing prenatal yoga to avoiding exposure to BPA.

+ Are you really eating for two? Learn&emdash;and bust&emdash;some common myths about eating during pregnancy with these helpful guides to noshing right.

+ Our resident green doula is a veteran when it comes to natural birthing. Click through for her top 10 tips on preparing for the big day. + If you're scrambling for something fancier to wear than sweatpants, don't fret. Rent Maternity Wear is a new service that leases out semi-formal and formal frocks for pregnant women.

+ Herbal remedies aren't always the safest best when you're pregnant. Learn which ones are safe for burgeoning bellies and which are definite no-nos.

+ Babies are stuff magnets. We've rounded up the 10 things you definitely need to prepare for his or her arrival&emdash;and which 10 thing you definitely don't.

+ What's a birth plan and do you need one? One second-time mom-to-be shares her insights on one of the most important documents you'll ever draft.

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