Best of Inhabitots: Top 7 Green DIY Projects For Kids

green diy projects photo

+ Turn an empty breakfast-cereal box into a series of ramps for dropping and rolling marbles. All you need is some shears and tape!

+ A wicker basket gathering dust can be repurposed into a pretty bird feeder for hanging on a tree in your backyard.

+ Capture Mother Nature's beauty through the shifting seasons by crafting a handmade nature book with the kiddos. + Grab some paint and turn the sticks you collect on your nature hikes into colorful objets d'art.

+ Making your own raincoat from plastic bags is a great rainy day project--plus, it'll serve you well on the next rainy day that comes your way.

+ More cereal box fun: Use the colorful cardboard to piece together a map of the United States. (It's a great way to sneak in a little geography lesson, too!)

+ Have a growing pile of baby-food jars that you're loathe to part with? Transform them into miniature snow globes in a few easy steps.

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