Best of Inhabitots: Top 7 Eco-Friendly Push Toys for Baby

Eco-friendly walking toy photo

+ For handy babies, the Pixie Walker Wagon by Haba includes a set of wooden tools for "fixing" things around the house.

+ This push-and-pull-along truck, made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic, will get your child's motor running.

+ Embrace the clack-clack-clack rhythm of Plan Toys' Woodpecker Walker, which encourages little cruisers to step up their game. + EverEarth's Activity Walker doubles as a busy box, complete with movable puzzle pieces to keep your tot occupied.

+ This gorgeous beechwood wagon is primed and ready for filling with blocks, toys, and other kiddie paraphernalia.

+ With Plan Toy's push-along alligator, your toddler will be off in a while, crocodile.

+ Let your child get out of the stroller and push it for a change. This pint-sized buggy, the perfect size for a doll or stuffed animal, will get those developing muscles working.

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