Best of Inhabitots: Top 7 Eco-Friendly Building Kits for Green Kids

Kids architecture kits

+ Aspiring architects can construct everything from a playhouse to a puppet show theater with an ever-evolving Habitadule giant building set.

+ 'My Space' puts a modern spin on the classic fort. The multi-panel, pop-up cardboard playhouse comes complete with cutout windows, working door flaps, and pop-out shelves, and easily collapses between playtimes to save space.

+ Adventurous kids on-the-go will revel in Moov's ride-on toy wooden construction kits which enable tykes to configure a bike, a scooter, a go-cart and more.

+ Pint-sized recycling mavens will appreciate MAKEDO's DIY craft and toy making kit. Discarded egg cartons and bubble wrap are the foundations for new creations that inspire kids to 'make do' with household items.
+ Little ones can blast-off with this spaceframe builders kit which will help develop 3D modeling and spatial reasoning skills.

+ Aviation aficionados can soar to new heights with the Baufix airplane construction kit. In addition to aircraft, kids may also build miniature garden carts, scooters and more with this modular set.

+ Preschoolers will delight in Sprig Toys' story builder construction kits which enable princesses and farmhands to build palaces and barnyards that may be demolished and rebuilt time and again for endless fun.

&emdash;Written by Beth Shea
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