Best of Inhabitots on Treehugger: Top 7 LEGO Designs to Wow Kids

Inhabitots Buzz

+ Who better than a PIXAR animator to try his hand at LEGO construction? Angus Maclane did so with aplomb, and the result are these awesome CubeDudes.

+ If kids get tired of trying to dig a hole to China at the beach this summer, tell them to beat the world record for the tallest Lego tower ever constructed, looming mightily at 102 feet!

+ Dave DeGobbi's eco punk Lego Crawler Town will fascinate older kids with its sophisticated design and environmental lessons that force an imaginary city to invent an energy efficient means of survival.
+ Mark Anderson's Lego alphabet spaceships are out of this world. The designer tinkered with the popular toys for two years to create his showcase of twenty-six letters fashioned into compelling spacecraft.

+ LEGO inspired furniture in the form of these life-sized, cushy LunaBlocks enable kids to stack up their own tables and chairs on which to lounge!

+ For those who want to flaunt their love of LEGOS and upcycling, LEGO heart charm necklaces are a choice colorful eco-accessory.

+ Amazing animal LEGO sculptures of endangered species brought to life by artist Sean Kinney ironically enlivened the Philadelphia Zoo with awareness for wildlife preservation.

—Written by Beth Shea
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