Best of Inhabitots: New York Design Week 2010

April Hannah furniture photo

With BKLYN Designs and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair all in one week, New Yorkers were hardly in want of good, green design. Here are some of our favorite pint-size pieces for the younger set, from ant farms you can frame and mount to glowing hexagonal puzzle-lamps. + Give your tot's ant farm a place of honor in the home--on the wall, as a piece of framed art!

+ Is the U.M.O (that's Unidentified Magical Object) a side table, desk, or bench? It's all these things and more.

+ We awarded April Hannah with our "Editors' Choice for Best Kids Design" for good reason--her FSC-certified tree-like furniture is a hoot and a half.

+ This sci-fi-looking LED puzzle-lamp allows you to create myriad configurations by snapping the hexagonal pieces together.

+ Bring a bit of street style into your living room with one of these news-vending-boxes-turned-aquariums
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