Best of Inhabitots: 7 Toxic Dangers for Kids

Shocked baby photo

Photo credit: on_ovington

+ Baby formula could contain unsettling amounts of aluminum&emdash;more than 40 times the amount found in breast milk, according to one recent study.

+ Another scary side-effect of tainted baby formula: Breasts in female infants.

+ 85 percent of so-called kid-friendly drinks and snacks could contain high levels of lead.+ Could junk food more than double the risk of ADHD in kids?

+ Prenatal exposure to air pollution could lower your future bambino's IQ.

+ Dioxins are more widespread than you might think. In fact, infants ingest about 80 times the safe amount.

+ We all know about the dangers of BPA by now, but recent studies show that it can cross from the placenta to the fetus.

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