Best of Inhabitots: 7 Eco-Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Inhabitots Green Halloween Costume Contest

+ What's sweeter than a pair of brothers dressed up as America's favorite breakfast?

+ April Halpern transformed old cardboard boxes into a portable stove, worn by a spooky chef who served up witch's blood tea, pirate-eye pie, and the Headless Horseman's heart (which lit up!)

+ This little girl is a living doll, dressed to look like the spitting image of a 1985 Cabbage Patch Kids doll that's still in the box. Her frock? Refashioned from her mom's baby blanket. + This cardboard monster truck is a zero-emissions ride, retooled from a toy wagon.

+ Meet the cutest little mailman in the country, complete with his own pint-size postal truck!

+ These twin darlings, decked out like adorable baby owls, definitely give a hoot.

+ Little Lady Liberty stands for freedom, justice, and the American way in a costume made from repurposed clothes and household items.

Find more boo-licious handmade Halloween costumes for kids over at the Inhabitots Green Halloween contest site and vote for your favorite!

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