Best of Inhabitots: 7 Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas

Inhabitots 3rd Birthday

+ Inhabitots just turned three years old! My how quickly baby blogs... and babies grow up! Celebrating your little one's third birthday? Here are six green gifts your tot will love!

+ No need to rush out and buy disposable decor for baby's bash. We bring the party to your printer with this round-up of the best printable (and recyclable) birthday party decorations for kids.

+ Planes, trains and automobiles. What kid doesn't get revved up over 'things that go?' Learn how to throw a green birthday party based on this fun and festive theme.

+ Tearing into gifts is the highlight of every child's birthday bonanza. Tread lightly on the earth when packaging presents by opting for one of these six sustainable gift wrap choices for kids.

+ Let her wear her age proudly across her chest for all the world to take note with an organic cotton birthday shirt from Jack Rabbit Creations.

+ Wow the birthday boy or girl with a recycled pop-up card that you made especially for her.

+ Add some charm and tradition to any birthday extravaganza with reusable, eco-friendly birthday garland, which features a 'Happy Birthday' sentiment that can be strung as decor every year.

—Written by Beth Shea
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