Best of Inhabitots: 7 Best Outdoor Green Play Gear for Lazy Summer Days

Inhabitots Hammock

+ We all dream of lazing a summer day away in a hammock, so why not set kids on the path to the art of R&R with a handmade recycled fabric version of the swinging refuge?

+ Kids and adults alike can catch a cool breeze on a warm day atop this chic teak swing made from 30- to 50- year old plantation grown teak trees.

+ Adventurous buckaroos can tame a T-Rex by hopping aboard a creature shaped recycled tire swing fashioned in the likeness of the infamous predator.

+ It's a tent, a swing and a trampoline all in one! Suspend the Treepee from a tree and the kiddos will have their very own entertaining hideaway in the great outdoors.

+ Ready to splurge on a custom playset for your backyard? CedarWorks designs majestic showstoppers that will keep your tots happily immersed in nature year round.

+ A prefab playhouse with chalk paint walls, a fold down table, and a wall mounted paper roll art station? The KIDDO Cabana is a sophisticated dwelling for discerning tykes.

+ Give kids a groovy new perspective of their familiar surroundings with these sweet kaleidoscope glasses that morph objects being viewed into funky shapes and colors.

—Written by Beth Shea
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