Best of Inhabitat: TV Stand Butcher Block, Empty Shopping Mall Goes LEED, Green is Toxic

Best of Inhabitat April 8 2010 photo

This week over at Inhabitat, we saw a barrage of awesome design projects that involved taking something old and crumbly and upcycling it into something even better than new. From a chapel in Utrecht turned crisp white modern residence, to an old dairy barn converted into a state of the art eco-home to a pop-art butcher block island recycled from a decrepit TV stand to a vacant shopping mall turned LEED gold office space, check out all of these shining examples of trash turned into treasure.In other news, if trying to make heads or tails of all those eco labels you see on products nowadays has been giving you a headache, our easy to understand guide to demystifying green certifications will help you make sense of all the jargon.

And for this week's ironic news, did you know that the color we most associate with eco-friendliness is actually toxic? That's right, the pigments and dyes used to make things green are far from environmentally friendly. Check out the whole scoop here.

—Written by Yuka Yoneda
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