Best of Inhabitat: Top 7 Examples of Living Furniture

Dirt Table

If you've been looking for some truly unique furniture to outfit your home, then start turning heads with some of these amazing designs that go far beyond offering up a place to sit or set your drinks, and integrate lush, green plant life!
+ We love living furniture, so when we saw this peculiar dirt table featuring a fern growing from below, our gardening world was turned upside down. Designed by Ori Mishkal, the clever side tables offer a great way to save some space a bring in some fresh air.

+ Lighting is one of the best ways to transform a space, and the LIVE LAMP is one gorgeous orb radiating with life. Designed by Kara Bartlet, this otherworldly piece has been patterned with eighty living Fuschii V Gracillis Tillandsia air plants and will offer pleny of energy efficient, ambient light.

+ Recommended for outdoor use, Shinwei Rhoda Yen's mushroom stool has a dark underbelly embedded with spores. After a few weeks in your soggy garden mushrooms will be popping up from right below your rear.

+ If you happen to err more on the side of the avant garde then this new set of chairs by Analog Media Lab is more than just an atrium fused with antique seating. Chair I: Rococo Armchair Retrofit and Chair II: Ghost Chair Retrofit are part of an experimental series that explore the interface between human and insect life by bringing nature an insects into the home via your seat.

+ Lose the boring Picasso reprints and grow your own mosaic with one of Flora Grubb's vertical gardens. These easy to arrange modular panels gives even the blackest of thumbs something they can work with.

+ We'd be selling living furniture short if we didn't mention this impressive green bed designed by Arthur Xin. The Ecotypic Bed has overhead LED reading lights, speakers to play music to wake you up, AND an LED lit flower box that grows greenery up the posts of the bed. The bed even generates it's own power by harnessing your movements.

—written by Diane Pham

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