Best of Inhabitat: Solar Decathlon Edition

Solar Decathlon photo

The 2009 Solar Decathlon, the biennial solar architecture competition held in Washington D.C., had us all abuzz last week. Here are some of our highlights:

We have a winner! Team Germany's two-story solar-powered cube took home the gold--find out what made it tick.

Appearances can be deceiving: The University of Illinois' Gable House, which won second prize, is anything but rustic.

Judges praised California's Refract House not only for "breaking out of the box" but for successfully marrying interior and exterior spaces.

Feeling chilly? Team Ontario's North House is designed to generate more energy than it consumes.

Compared with the average $490,000 cost of the other entrants, Rice University's $140,000 ZEROW House is eminently affordable.

Visit Inhabitat for our full coverage of the Solar Decathlon.

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