Best of Inhabitat: Reporting From CES 2010!

Inhabitat CES photo

Everyone was buzzing about CES 2010 this week and we were psyched to see even more greener gadgets on the tradeshow floor this year than ever before. And they weren't the dinky-looking, crayon-green colored specimens of yore either.

From the sexy and powerful Sony Vaio W Series Eco Edition laptop to Casio's ultraslim mercury-free LED video projectors, there were quite a few new products at the show that were capable of seducing consumers to the greener side.

And if you're looking for something really titillating, check out the amazingly thin, OLED smartphone bracelet that Asus unleashed at the show. Called the Waveface Ultra, it's still a concept, but certainly gives us a glimpse into what the phones of the future could look like.

On the solar and wind energy front, we came across a bevy of new and improved greener gizmos. MiniWiz's hybrid wind or sun chargers and Solargenix's solar device sleeves, were just some of the handy (and quite affordable) examples we saw on the floor.

For more newly unveiled greener electronics from the show, check out our Top 5 Greener Gadgets from CES 2010. And stay tuned for our coverage of this year's upcoming Greener Gadgets conference in NYC!

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—Written by Yuka Yoneda
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