Best of Inhabitat: Packaging the Future

Inhabitat green packaging photo

Have you ever looked at a product the size of a pea wrapped in a layer of clear film, with a 20 page instruction booklet, vacuum packed in hard plastic, covered by another layer of cardboard and thought, "Why?!"? Well, you're not alone. We, along with our favorite eco-chick, green journalist Starre Vartan, were so frustrated with certain kinds of packaging—and inspired by others —that we decided to launch an entire series to exploring the future of packaging! Check out the good (how the humble coconut solves shipping problems) to the bad and ugly (how the Oral B Pulsar toothbrush takes something that's supposed to be reusable and turns it into a throwaway). Plus, if you've ever wondered whether or not Whole Foods' compostable deli containers really are compostable, we've got the answer for you in our in-depth test right here.

—written by Yuka Yoneda

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