Best of Inhabitat: Inhabitat's Spring Greening Contest Winners on Sale!

Inhabitat Spring Greening photo

If you're a green design aficionado, you've probably seen lots of competitions showcasing cool eco-products, and you may have even thought to yourself "Aww man, I wish I could buy that." Well here's your chance! Inhabitat is auctioning off the winning products from their Spring Greening design competition that challenged people to turn ordinary household junk into useful and beautiful products, which means that you could actually own one of these one-of-a-kind, functional art pieces. Don't miss your opportunity to bid on these awesome custom items, from intricate lamps crafted from plastic soda bottles to adorable plant pots made from old light bulbs, and enjoy them in your own home!Bid on the hanging white pendant lamp here >
Bid on the green and blue table lights here >
Bid on the ElasticShelf, a functional shelf made of bike tires here >
Bid on Chop Flops flip flops upcycled from chopsticks here >
Bid on the Potus Pot, and adorable pot made from a light bulb here >

—written by Yuka Yoneda

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