Best of Inhabitat: Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

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Valentine's Day is almost here! And while the truly eco-conscious way to celebrate this Hallmark Holiday would be to skip the shopping altogether and opt for hugs and kisses as gifts, traditionalists will find a bevy of eco-conscious products out there that are sexy, fun and green! From soft and silky sustainable skivvies that are sure to cause a different kind of climate change underneath the sheets, to exquisite green jewelry that will make your tree-hugger into a you-hugger, check out all of our green gift ideas (complete with big, crisp images) to guide you through your search for the perfect eco-Valentine's Day gift.

13 Valentine's Day Eco Gifts to WOW Your Green Sweetie

14 Sexy Sustainable Undies To Set Hearts (And Sheets) Afire 13 Eco-Jewelry Gifts for Your Valentine's Day Sweetheart

—Written by Yuka Yoneda
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