Best of Green: Best in Show -- And the Winner Is...


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After nearly a month, 177 winners in 8 categories, and thousands of thousands of votes cast by you, we're happy to announce the 'Best in Show' winner of our first annual Best of Green awards. Congratulations to Dave Burdick, the winner as Best Tweeter to Have on Your Side, who came out of the Best of Green: Culture & Celebrity category to garner the highest overall rating and win! Way to go, Dave!

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Burdick, the editor of HuffingtonPost Green, has his finger on the pulse of the green blogosphere, and is able to leverage the hundreds of thousands of HuffPost readers (and nearly as many Twitter followers) to get the best out of myriad green blogs news sources. His win signifies not only his popularity in the green blogosphere, but showcases the power of social media and his deft ability to juggle Tweeting, editing, writing, marketing, and the variety of other tasks that make Dave the best green Tweeter to have on your side.

Though Dave has come out on top, congratulations are in order for all Best of Green winners, in all categories. Their inspiring green work made choosing the winners a fun, exhilarating process, as they all help shape the cutting edge of the modern green world. Thanks to everyone who voted, congrats to each of the final 8 category winners, and stay tuned for more Best of Green in 2010.

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