Best of Ecouterre: Sustainable Fashion Takes to the Stage at COP15

Copenhagen Fashion Summit photo

While governmental leaders from all around the world met in Copenhagen last week to hash out a new climate-change treaty, the fashion industry convened at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit to discuss the role it must take to promote sustainability and social responsibility in a shifting clime, both literally and figuratively. Here, Ecouterre presents some of the big ideas from what organizers called the "most important fashion event of the year."From the myriad ways green can be profitable to how "sustainable luxury" isn't an oxymoron, here are 5 things we learned about eco-fashion.

Your idea of green isn't necessarily someone else's idea of green. Vanessa Friedman, fashion editor at the Financial Times makes a case for why eco-fashion needs a common lexicon that everyone will understand.

EDUN's pro-planet mission was entirely accidental, but Bono and Ali Hewson's ethical fashion label soon realized you can't separate people from planet.

In order to save the planet, the fashion industry needs to do things differently, according to Julie Gilhart of Barneys, and it's possible to manage this without risking profitability.

The Fashion Summit capped off a day of discussions with a sustainable fashion show from the brightest talents in the Nordic fashion industry. The event doubled as a design contest, and Finnish designer Saara Lepokorpi beat out the competition with her space-phenomena-inspired garments.

As a preamble to the Fashion Summit, the Innovating Sustainable Fashion Show in Copenhagen presented everything from time-traveling steampunk scientists to walking totem poles.

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