Best of Ecouterre: 7 Unbelievably Cool, Green Wearable Tech

Wearable technology photo

Photo credit: XS Labs

This trio of human-powered dresses convert kinetic energy from movement into electricity.

A solar-powered, vintage-inspired brooch might appear to be a design contradiction, but this subtle stunner is still a winner.

Made from recycled cassette tape, these nondescript-looking ties can be "played" when you run a tape head over them.

Clothes that generate heat from your sweat? Jimmy Carter would approve.

Timbuk2's new solar-panel messenger bags are almost too cool for school, but they'll turn into a lantern at night if you need to hit the books after dark.

Made from recycled soda bottles, Zegna's solar-powered jacket can power an iPod or cellphone without making you look like a dork.

After harnessing power from the sun, the tiny LED bulbs on this photovoltaic-cell necklace light up like a string of pearls.

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