Best of Ecouterre: 7 Eco-Fabrics That Could Change the Future of Fashion

Pina fiber photo

Photo credit: Mark Aldane Tumang

What does the use of cork fabric have to do protecting the Iberian Lynx? Plenty, it seems.

The seaweed-derived SeaCell is said to promote a sense of well-being, but it also incited its own tempest in a teacup over its far-fetched claims.

Big on bromeliads? Piña fabric, made from pineapple leaves, is one to watch.

As soft as cashmere, Lenpur gets its silky hand from sustainably cultivated white fir wood.

This Southeast Asian fabric doesn't monkey around--it's made from the cast-off stems and leaves of the banana tree.

We're torn about this fishy leather. On the one hand, it uses a byproduct of the salmon-processing industry that would otherwise get landfilled. On the other, it's not exactly vegan-friendly.

Could Tencel replace cotton one day? Or will its chemical-intensive production negate any benefits?

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