Best of Boing Boing: Greener Golfing, Your Eco Budget, Kenyan Extreme Recycling


Each week we're bringing you some of our favorite posts from our friends over on the Boing Boing blog. Enjoy!

Greener Golfing
If you are going to participate in a sport where about the only thing green are the greens, then at least you might want to look into the cyclists golf caddy.

We Love DIY Home Automation
Kenyan Simon Mwaura recycles electronics to build the ultimate DIY home automation.You gotta see this!

Could We Green Our Spending?
Wonder where your money goes each year? Well it isn't a very green picture. The average American has 2 cars and spends 17.6% towards transportation (4.8% of that is gasoline and oil), 5.4% of your food is being eaten outside the house. We spend almost the same amount on entertainment as healthcare, and our retirement savings is about 5% more than our entertainment budget. Check out the awesome infographic.

The iPod Nano That Could!
Don't just throw things away...iPod Nano emerges victorious from the wash!

Looking Snazzy in a Small Space
Finally, you know at TreeHugger we love small spaces. Small spaces require great design, and multifunction products are the best products to have. Behold the full length mirror that doubles as an ironing board.

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