Best of BloghHer: Plastic Produce, Pet CPR, Ethical Beverages

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Local! Organic! Seasonal! And...wrapped in plastic? Beth Terry wants to know why farmers markets still use so much plastic.

Are you an animal lover? Britt is, and she's found 9 animal-centric blogs you should be reading. much of an animal lover are you, really? Could you give a pet in distress mouth-to-snout or CPR? ClizBiz has a quick how to and a story of the remarkable rescue of a 100-year-old turtle.

When Siel started blogging, if it was organic and fair trade, it was plain coffee. Now she's found 3 cool drinks with an eco-ethical mission.

Alanna went on a voyage of discovery through the vegetarian cookbooks of the brilliant Deborah Madison. Here are her favorites.

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