Best of BlogHer: Whole Foods Healthcare, SIGG's BPA Scandal, Cute Cats


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When the healthcare debate collides with the eco-foodie debate, which principle wins? Much ado about Whole Foods.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess Amy Gates speaks out about BPA in her favorite water bottle in "The Big SIGG Letdown."
Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish is doing everything humanly possible to cut plastic from her life. So why is she suddenly questioning if her actions are making any difference?
20 Green/Environmental YouTube Channels! Just because these eco-videos are an excellent resource, it doesn't mean they're lacking in cute cats…

Hungry for justice? Learn how you can use a hunger challenge to fuel political activism and create social change.

Battling NIMBY groups, answering difficult questions about habitat preservation, and of course tweeting your kilowatt use: Getting more people on board with renewable energy has its challenges.

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