Best of BlogHer: Locavores, Banana Masks, Shopping Your Closet

Farmers market photo

Photo credit: avixyz

How do you ask your best friend where her food came from? Ever tried to become a family of locavores for a week? Bloggers share stories of helping loved ones to eat more locally.

Natural, DIY moisturizing face mask recipes always seem to demand the sacrifice of a delicious avocado. Then I stumbled across one made from bananas. Perfect! I hate bananas!

How to kill a turkey, forage for fresh clams, and get organic, local lunches in schools: three awesome experiments in green food.

We keep hearing "shop your closet," but what does that mean, exactly? What to keep, what to toss, and how to create a smart, lower-impact and stylish shopping list this fall/winter: a step-by-step guide.

As I prepare to move but not yet knowing where my next home will be, I'm thinking about what I will put into storage and what I will let go of. And I'm seriously contemplating a radical idea: giving it all up. All of it. Living with only what I need to keep to work, pay taxes and avoid public nudity charges.

Imagine posting a wish list for veggies or getting paid in pears: veggie trading, produce exchanges, and other delicious ways to avoid wasting food.

Climate Action Day on October 24 is the last chance to bring awareness before the final climate meeting in Copenhagen in late December. Here's what you can do.

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