Best of BlogHer: Holiday Excess, Toxic Toys, Frugal Parties

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I'm not going to be the killjoy who preaches moderation over the holidays. I'm just going to suggest you try these healthy, seasonal recipes BETWEEN holiday excesses.

What's a tranquilista? Meet Kimberly Wilson, the "hip tranquil chick" (and green businesswoman) obsessed with "Paris, potbelly pigs, and all things sparkly."

The kids look so cute in their brand-new holiday pajamas! But this green mom is thinking hard about cuteness vs. wastefulness (and irritating chemicals, too).

Hand dryers suck energy and paper towels kill trees. Now (finally!) there's a third option.

Bad toys, bad toys, whatcha gonna do? You're gonna read this, that's whatcha gonna do.

All I wanted when I was a kid was a toxic plastic Barbie Country Camper. I didn't get it. Are parents giving kids more and more and more stuff each year?

I hope my kids run their own online fundraiser when they're teenagers: Meet the 17-year-old who's been bringing green stoves to Rwanda for two years.

Who says holiday festivities need to be over the top to be fun? 10 frugal party ideas for December.

—Written by Julie Godar

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