Best of BlogHer: Happy Cows, Blog Action Day, Vegan Month

Cow photo

Photo credit: law_keven

Milk bottle labels picture happy cows on rustic farms with plenty of space to roam. Is that true? I took a trip to an organic dairy farm to visit the cows that produce my milk and the humans who package it.

Last time I checked, over 5,000 bloggers from 126 countries are participating in Blog Action Day for Climate Change this Thursday.
Here's what you can do.

A whole year without buying a single piece of clothing. Could you commit to it?

But that is one of the things I like best about the challenge to eat locally: Everyone has something they can enjoy because it's very local to their foodshed.

Don't have the outdoor space to grow your own food? Yard sharing to the rescue.
It's the Vegan Month of Food--aka Vegan MoFo! Find recipes and discover new vegan and vegan-friendly food blogs.

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