Best of BlogHer: Green Shoes, Green Swag, Green Parks

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They come in every color but they're still all green: Cute, comfy, eco-friendly shoes to walk the Earth in every day.

What's a conference or convention without some schwag? The trick is to make those freebies socially responsible.

Join the Canvolution! Find out how to preserve the local harvest and take control of your food supply (it's easier than you think).

Biking to work is great if you live close enough, or your commute isn't too hilly, or you're not in business attire in the flush of summer. For the rest of us, that's where the electric bicycle comes in.

Does home gardening cost too much? We take a closer look at the economics of growing your own.

Psyched for Ken Burns' new documentary The National Parks: America's Best Idea later this month? Here's what you can do right now to help America's best idea.

Dr. Brazen Hussy's ongoing bird research, orcas and ecotourism, urban wildlife, and one very large snapping turtle: the best animal-science bloggers out there.

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