Best of BlogHer: Great American Apparel Diet, Hunger Challenge, Green Fashion Week

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Photo credit: Rainforest Action Network
Not shopping for clothes, for an entire year—would you, could you, try the Great American Apparel Diet?

Of course, swapping clothes locally has zero carbon footprint. Instead of hitting the stores, try a Swap-o-Rama-Rama event (complete with DIY stations), instead.

Tell your senators how much you love the climate and win some awesome prizes, too!

Could you eat on $28 a week? Here's why food bloggers are taking the Hunger Challenge.

What do New York Fashion Week, a sheep sanctuary in Britain, and destruction of the Indonesian rainforest have in common? The first-ever GreenShows.

Eating garbage: Why I became a freegan last winter.

Remember that Simpsons episode about Big Sugar? It's not looking like such a joke anymore...

Dear Pig: An animal lover thanks the four-legged donor of her mother's heart valve transplant—and keeps the promise to give up meat after the operation.

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