Best of BlogHer: Beef Crisis, Photo Activism, Lawn Reform

Andrea Bakacs eggs photo

Photo credit: Andrea Bakacs

Another day, another ground-beef crisis. Should Obama prioritize food safety?

Good photography can change the way we eat--at least, that's the idea behind photo activist Andrea Bakacs' work--and it's gently shifting the way I think about food.

Does your house have a lawn? Follow the six basic practices of the Lawn Reform Coalition.

Got a great cause, but don't know how to get people interested? BlogHer's series on using social media for your project kicks off with 10 questions to get you started on your path to do-gooding.

First it was lead paint on toys, then toxins in baby bottles--now, the toxic playground may be a legitimate danger to kids' health.

Could you limit yourself to food produced within 150 miles of your house for a whole month? Take stock with the fifth Eat Local Challenge.

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