Become A Famous Eco-Gadgeteer on Planet Green TV!

Do you power your blender with a stationary bicycle? Planet Green's television channel is getting ready for its June launch and is looking for viewer-submitted videos that feature green innovations.

  • Did you create something cool and eco-conscious?

  • Have you formulated a unique way of contributing to the green movement?

  • Did you invent something weird and wacky that you’re using in your everyday life to make the world a bit greener?

We think that if you’re reading this site in the first place, there’s a good chance you have some brilliant green wheels in gear, making you a likely candidate with sustainable star power. So whether you're:A mad scientist concocting crazy alternative energy solutions…


Taking a stand like Al Gore and fearlessly re-inventing the green movement…


Getting down like Danny Seo in unique, crafty and carbon-free ways…

Tell us! E-mail GreenShowVideos at gmail dot com with your name, age, location, picture (.jpg format), and a brief paragraph explaining your original green concept/invention. And/or snail mail a video demonstrating your idea/invention to:

Green Show Videos
c/o Authentic Entertainment
2410 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Break a leg!

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