Adding Treehugger Web Clips to Your Gmail Account


Remember a few weeks back when we asked Do you use gmail? Well, there was a reason for that! Gmail has implemented a new system that many of you may have noticed already - above your inbox there are "Web Clips" displayed. Web clips are a way to grab headlines from your favorite sites! If you are interested in keeping an eye on the latest TH headlines from the safety of your gmail account, please read our tutorial in the extended!Steps to Add TreeHugger to your Gmail Webclips:

First, locate the settings link in the upper right hand corner of your mail interface and click on it.

You will be brought to the settings interface where you will see a list of different options:


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You will need to click on the Web Clips option and if you've never edited this information before you will be presented with a list of clips. You can remove all the clips that you don't want, by clicking the "remove" link to the right of each clip that is listed. Once you've customized that to your satisifaction, you can now learn how to add Treehugger to your webclips!


On the left hand side of the Web Clips options panel you will see a text box where you can search for web clips. Type in, and on the right side you will see your results. Next to the results there will be a button, with the word "Add"; by clicking that it will add the Treehugger feed to your Web Clips, displaying TH headlines above your inbox!

Now, when you return to your inbox you will see Treehugger webclips! (**Note: If you have other webclips as well, you may have to use the arrows to the right of the webclips to scroll the clips to get to the TH ones, but over time they will randomly appear as well**).