Absolut Downloads: Shirley Pui-Yu Cheung's Laptop Table

Over at Absolut Downloads, another great laptop table from Shirley Pui-Yu Cheung : An occasional side table that functions like a study or laptop table with an extra height space for a glass of juice or a book. When not in use as a laptop table it can be easily transported by grabbing on to the oval cutouts. Not only is it multifunctional but its non-conventional form makes doing work more fun!

You can download miniatures of them all as a demonstration of how downloadable designs will work when, as Bruce Sterling says, "The future will see a new kind of object — we have the primitive forms of them now in our pockets and briefcases: user-alterable, baroquely multi-featured, and programmable — that will be sustainable, enhanceable, and uniquely identifiable." ::In An Absolut World Everything is Downloadable

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