Absolut Downloads Judges: Josh Rubin


With digital designs we decide what we want from the best in the world, not what Mr. Store Manager picks out. The Long Tail is at our fingertips as we cruise from Korea to Kansas for the design that suits our taste.

We have asked designers to provide examples of their work for you to download and build in our demonstration of a downloadable world, but we are also inviting the public to submit their designs as well; who knows what is out there. (Instructions here) But wait, there's more: we are putting together a talented jury to pick the best of the submitted design, which will be manufactured, so that so that you have a professionally built prototype that you can sell online to others, or just enjoy.

First up is Josh Rubin, editor in chief of Cool Hunting. "I started Cool Hunting in February 2003 after accepting that I'm much better at organizing digitally than physically. As an interaction designer I'm always looking for both inspiration and an understanding of the way people do things. I decided to catalog what I found on the web and haphazardly named it Cool Hunting because to me that's synonymous with finding inspiration. Some people think this site is about trends, but it is more about curating observations. I get excited about obsessive compulsive art, elegant uses of technology, unusual and limited edition sneakers, and general paradoxes. ::Cool Hunting and ::In An Absolut World Everything is Downloadable

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