A Treehugger Shout-Out to Pair Networks

Treehugger takes pride in bringing attention to companies that are striving to ensure everything they do is as green and sustainable as possible. Today we're pointing our green spotlight towards our very own host, Pair Networks. Thanks to all you Treehuggers out there checking in with us on a regular basis, we've had to upgrade our bandwidth on a fairly regular basis. Suffice it to say, this has led to a lot of interaction with the Pair Network team. TH founder Graham Hill perhaps summarizes our experience with them best in the following quote."In a world where customer support is increasingly being replaced by phone trees and online FAQ's, pair.com has been outstanding to work with. Treehugger has been around for over a year now and in that time we've had very few issues whatsoever. Anytime we have needed support, Pair has extended to us nothing but fast, excellent and friendly service. To top it off, they give us a reduced rate, as they too believe in promoting sustainability! Thanks Pair!" ::Pair Networks