A Behind-the-Green Peek at The Martha Stewart Show


TreeHugger domestic gods and goddesses, break out your eco-friendly tool kit. TreeHugger went live yesterday on The Martha Stewart Show as part of the show's green week. Representing TreeHugger as Mrs. Claus, I was granted exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to distribute thank-you gifts to Martha and the crew for having TreeHugger on the show. I also got to help out fellow TreeHugger friend and colleague Simran Sethi, face of THTV, get ready for her close-up with Martha.


Here's the dish: following a segment with guest star Mr. T in which he and Martha chatted about his new show, "I Pity The Fool," and whipped up a dish of Spaghetti Carbonara (the connection, if any, between Mr. T and spaghetti was lost on me), and another act where one crafty lady taught Martha how to make cocktail umbrella lampshades (also lost on me), fab and fun Simran Sethi, or SIM-RON SAY-TEE (as Martha's cue sheet said) channeled her inner Bob Villa, adding some of her own green mystique, as she showed Martha and the world how to do improve their homes with eco-friendly products.

Among the products Simran mentioned: modular carpeting, denim insulation, non-toxic furniture (www.qcollection.com), recycled glass tiles, cork flooring, bamboo clothing, and bamboo flooring. When I saw Martha's enthusiasm over Simran's green insight and the crazy amount of "oohs" and "ahhhs" seeping out of the studio audience, I regretted that I hadn't painted myself in green and streaked though the audience like a die-hard Notre Dame fan.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Simran and I were introduced to Mr. T—who recycles, by the way—and Martha, who adored the gift basket of green goodies we made her. All in all, it was a wonderful, exhilarating day shadowing TH's green media maven on the Martha set and spreading the TreeHugger love. Yesterday's lesson: always keep green, non-toxic body paint on hand.

Live like Martha and check out the goodies we stashed in her gift basket: a potato-chip bag woven basket, champagne flutes, and triple certified coffee, reusable produce/bulk item bags, a vintage cashmere scarf, paperless Greek coffee cups, chocolates from Kansas, and Lester Brown's book, Plan B 2.0.