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Most Popular on Digg: Transportation That Moved You

Volkswagen to Make Limited Edition of 1-Liter Car (282 MPG!) in 2010 -- This streamlined prototype gets 282 miles per gallon, carries two people and weighs a feathery 600 pounds. It's reported to be available as a limited edition in 2010.

A Resolution for 2009: Around the World in an Electric Bike
-- If there's one thing that can help raise awareness about something, it is seeing it with your own eyes. So this plan of getting an electric bike in front of people and showing the world what it can do is a great way to educate about the capabilities of electric vehicles.

4,000 Electric Vehicles To Be Leased by US Army -- Sure, these aren't going to be replacing the gas-guzzling hummers that need to be beefed up and heavy to sustain IED attacks, but it's a good sign of the Army cutting gas usage when possible, which is good to see.

Further Thoughts on Turning Road Traffic into Electricity -- How cool would it be to get something more from all those cars racing down our highways? In this post - the second of two - Mike delves into the possibility of generating power from the road.

How to Drive from Paris to New York -- Wasteful greenwash publicity stunt or adventurous challenge bringing needed attention to an important issue? Whichever side of this argument you fall, can't we all agree that that Jeep looks pretty cool with those giant floats on the side?

Ford Becomes First Automaker to Join the Climate Registry -- Good for them, I guess? While it isn't keeping them from risk of bankruptcy, it was a sign of good intentions or perhaps just some green poseuring, hard to say.

Free Bikes Flop in Brussels -- Bonnie hit the streets herself to see if the new bike-share program in Brussels was working as well as similar programs in Paris and Barcelona. It's not and she shares what she thinks are the reasons why.

Solar Sailor Sun Sails To Be Fitted to Chinese Cargo Ships -- These things are so cool. The kites might be even better, though.

5 Eco-Cars Faster than the Porsche 911 -- Mike brought us this collection of new speedsters in the eco-car world. Though, the Porche 911 isn't the fastest car out there, it's long stood as a symbol for speed, which makes these new cars all the more impressive.

Fuel Cell (Hydrogen-Powered) Wheelchairs -- With populations of elderly rising rapidly in Japan and here in the US, it'll be good to have some somewhat greener options to power their Rascals.

MagLev Trains By 2025 In Japan, Could Reach 361 MPH! -- And we have Amtrak? When will we finally enter the modern age and get some high-speed trains!?

5 Technologies that Make Internal Combustion Engines Better -- Just what it says it is. If you're into cars and/or do any work on your own, this is a must-read.

California Colleges Pay Students to Bike -- Lots of cool programs at different universities to encourage biking. Some giving out cash, others free bikes, helmets and locks and others offering other discounts and incentives.

World’s Fastest Electric Superbike: 125 MPH & No Carbon Emissions -- This two-wheeled speedster can do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 125 mph and will cost around $30,000 when it becomes available at the end of 2009.

Is This the Most Eco-Friendly Car Innovation Since the Hybrid? -- To answer the question in the headline: No. It isn't. But it sure was a controversial piece of snake oil, at least according to most of our readers who chimed in on this one. If the product really worked, it'd be excellent, but it sure seems like it's just too good to be true at this point.

17 Electric Cars You Must Know About -- If you want to know about electric cars, this is a great place to start. Covering 17 of the best options available now (or in development) Mike's roundup really gives a great look at the current state of the electric car options.

Working From Home Makes More Sense Than Ever -- Companies can save a lot of money allowing workers to work from home, so with the economy like it is, we expect to see more and more going this direction.

360 Wind Powered Wal-Mart Stores by April 2009 -- Love 'em or hate 'em, Wal-Mart has done some good things for the environment. The debate rages on as to whether this is genuine or for greed and whether their net impact has been a positive or negative one.

Berlin Announces Plans for World's Largest Community Electric Car Infrastructure

Most Popular on Digg: OddBall Oddities and General Miscellanea

'Organic' is Banned -- Organic was just one of 19 words chosen for the annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness from Lake Superior State University. Others include 'perfect storm, 'sweet', and 'waterboarding'.

Sexy Dancing vs. Peak Oil: Oily Cassandra -- Simple premise: Youtube girl wants to educate the world about peak oil, so she strips to pull in an audience while she lectures about peak oil. And it worked. Bait and hook.

Only In America: Billboards Have Rights, Trees Don't. -- Craziness. When a billboard company complained about trees blocking their signs, they actually won and got the city to cut down the trees. See, the signs feed families according to the sign company. Trees are just the nuisance in the way. Craziness.

Taxi Driver Severs Cyclists' Leg in Violent Hit-and-Run -- In this tragic story, we're reminded - (as if some of us needed any reminding) - that there still exists a rift between bike lovers and car lovers. With better bike-safety laws and an increase in awareness and driver consciousness, these events should hopefully become even less common.

American Food System Fertilized With Industrial Chemical Melamine -- Ugh, just another reason you should be buying fruits and veges from a Farmer's Market - less-likely to be dosed in poisonous chemicals.

Greenpeace Activists Detain Palm Oil Tanker: Where Do Readers Stand on Direct Action?
-- Lots of forest and primates are destroyed to make palm oil, so Greenpeace activists took it upon themselves to interfere in the production/distro of palm oil. And I thought it was just the Whale Wars guys that did stuff like this?

5 Ways the NYT Science Columnist Distorts the Facts -- An appropriate little calling-out of some bad logic from the NYTimes. No journalists were harmed in this blog fight.

Your Carbon Footprint: Calculating, Reducing and Offsetting Your Impact -- Always good to touch-up on the basics. Our Green Basics series aims to clarify some of the most-pressing green topics.

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